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Name:                      SILVIA J. IZAGUIRRE DE BREUER


Title:                        Certified Public Translator, Interpreter, Owner and General Manager of the translation company, S & J Translations, freelance English and Spanish teacher, Member of the English examination board at the Institute for Higher Language Studies of the Universidad Nacional de Asunción for Spanish to English /English to Spanish certified public translators.






Office:                     Cerro Corá 2152

                                  Asunción, Paraguay            Tel./Fax: (595-21) 222-289 / (595-21) 229-233


Home:                      Teniente Huerta 3333

                                  Asunción, Paraguay            Tel./Fax: (595-21) 673-249; Mobile: (595-981) 248-700


Born:                        March 3, 1961, Asunción, Paraguay


Married:                  José A. Breuer, March 20, 1986


Citizenship:             Paraguayan




1973-1979         Colegio Santa Teresa de Jesús; High School Diploma, Asunción, Paraguay.


1982-1986         Institute for Higher Language Studies; School of Philosophy, U.N.A.; Licentiate in the English Language (B.A.), Asunción, Paraguay.    


1996-1997         Trinity College London; Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Stael Ruffinelli de Ortíz English, Asunción, Paraguay


1997                  Ministry of Education and Culture; Certified Public Translator in the Spanish and English Languages, Asunción, Paraguay.


Other Courses and Seminars:


       1980                  Diploma in Public Relations and Protocol, ESL School. Hastings, England.


       1981                  Certificate in Accounting and Marketing, Yardley of London Corp. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


       1982                  Certificate in Sales and Marketing, Revlon Corporation. Asunción, Paraguay.


       1994                  Certificate in Medical and Legal Terminology for Insurance Companies, The John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. Boston, MA, U.S.A.


Work History:


       1983-1984         Eastern Airlines, Asunción, Paraguay. Assistant Manager. In charge of writing numerous reports and translating them from Spanish to English.


       1984-1986         Cargill International. Asunción, Paraguay. Assistant Broker.


       1988-1995         The John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. Boston, MA, USA. Worked in the following positions: Bookkeeper (1988-89); Account Analyst (1989-90); Underwriter (1990-91); Consultant Risk Underwriter (1991-92); Public Relations Officer and English/Spanish Translator (1992-95).


       1996-1998         Stael Ruffinelli de Ortíz English. Asunción, Paraguay. English teacher.


       1997-2002         United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Embassy of the United States of America. Asunción, Paraguay. Spanish teacher for Director and Deputy Director.


       1997-2003         Institute for Higher Language Studies; School of Philosophy, U.N.A. Asunción, Paraguay. Co-wrote and is currently teaching an eight-week course on translation. Topics include comparative grammar, and the translation of legal and business documents.


       1997-present     S & J Traducciones. Asunción, Paraguay. Owner and General Manager of translation company. Activities include consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and document translation. Languages handled by the studio include English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. Areas of expertise include: technical manuals, local and international contracts and other legal documents, banking documents, telecommunications and civil engineering public bids, and NGO documents and reports.


       1997-present     Institute for Higher Language Studies; School of Philosophy, Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Asunción, Paraguay. Member of Examination Board for English/Spanish translation examinations given as part of the process of becoming a certified public translator.


Document Translation Highlights:


      1997                  International Public Bid for the B-band Cellular Phone System. The translation of 143 pages of technical, legal and financial documents from Spanish into English and English into Spanish related to a telecommunications bid for a local telecommunications company participating jointly with an international consortium.


      1998                  Field Financial Manual for Population Services International, a worldwide NGO involved in health education and improving health though social marketing. The translation from English into Spanish a 400-page financial document for field offices including spreadsheets and tables.


      1998                  The translation from English into Spanish of a $40 million loan agreement contract between a local telecommunications carrier and several international banking groups. A 66-page multi-party contract including: borrowers, joint arrangers, lenders, and agents.


      1999                  The translation from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English contracts and other documents related to the emission of floating rate bonds in the amount of $400 million by the Paraguayan Government with Chinatrust Commercial Bank and the International Commercial Bank of China acting as purchasing agents. These contracts and other documents amounted to around 120 pages.


      2001                  International Monetary Fund. The translation from English into Spanish of a 43-page document entitled “Exchange Rate Regimes and Economic Performance” that assesses the costs and benefits of alternative exchange rate regimes.


      2001                  XV Meeting of the Permanent Consultative Committee I: Public Telecommunications Services hosted by the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (a dependency of the Organization of American States) and CONATEL (National Telecommunications Commission) held in Asunción, Paraguay October 1-5. Part of a team of 12 translators that translated over 450 pages of documents from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English during the conference for the different member states.


      2002                  Biennial Report for Population Services International. Over 12,000 words translated from English into Spanish. Biennial report for this Health NGO located in over 50 countries. This report was distributed worldwide to donors, individuals, foundations, and governments in English, Spanish and French.


      2002                  School of Tomorrow. The translation of a 140-page instruction manual from English into Spanish for elementary school teachers using a new innovative approach to teaching that includes academic as well as spiritual guidance. Used to train local teachers in the use of this system.


      2004                  Management Systems International. The translation of several documents from English into Spanish totaling over 100 pages for this USAID (United States Agency for International Development) Contractor involved with the Judicial Reform process in Paraguay. These documents include an Ethics Code draft for Judicial Magistrates and a pilot project draft of institutional coordination procedures and practices for the Contraloría [Public Auditor’s Office] and the Ministerio Público [Attorney General’s Office]. Also translated Management Systems International’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for registration in Paraguay at the Legal Entities and Associations Registry and at the Public Trade Registry.


      2004                  Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. MTCT-Plus Initiative. The translation from English into Spanish of over 42,000 words of several MS Power Point presentations used for training physicians in Central America on the treatment and care of children infected with HIV/AIDS.


      2004                  Global Health Council. The translation of documents totaling approximately 23,000 words from English into Spanish for this international health organization based in Washington D.C. These translated articles on different subjects related to HIV/AIDS were subsequently published on this organization’s website,


      2005                  Ministry of Finance, Public Contracting Administration. This project was financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the translation of the website of this government office, Law 2051 “Regarding Public Contracting”, and its regulatory executive decree, Decree 21.909 with the purpose of making public administration more transparent. The translations from Spanish into English of the documents totaled approximately 40,000 words and were published on the Public Contracting Administration’s website at:


      2005                  Record Electric S.A. The translation from Spanish into English of this local company’s website totaling approximately 7200 words. This company imports and sells electric motors, pumps, and welding equipment, and other similar products.


      2005                  Telecom S.A. The translation of approximately 4000 words from English into Spanish for a local public telecommunications bid for the Paraguayan National Police.


      2006                  Sudamerika Line Tourism Program. The translation of approximately 20,000 words from Spanish to English of a tourism program for an important Paraguayan tourism company that does a large volume of business with the European community located in Colonia Independencia - Paraguay.    


      2006                  Simple Aesthetics. The translation of a medical doctor’s manual, a management manual, website and other documents totaling approximately 40,000 words from Spanish to English for this international company’s office in the United States. Established in Venezuela, this company provides aesthetic medicine services such as laser hair removal, lipo therapies, acne treatment and skin rejuvenation.


      2007                  Chemonics International, Inc. Paraguay Vende Project. Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Translation from Spanish to English of approximately 10,000 words of a final report, as well as the translation of text with photographs for the release of a DVD of the program.


      2007                  Global Health Council. The translation of documents totaling approximately 23,000 words from English to Spanish for this international health organization based in Washington D.C. These translated articles on different subjects related to HIV/AIDS were subsequently published on this organization’s website,


      2008                  Population Services International. An NGO with its headquarters in Washington, D.C., U.S.A. that works in the area of health education and improving its impact on through social marketing of different products and services. The translation from English to Spanish of approximately 33,000 words of a final report of a project entitled AIDSMark, which provides support to different HIV/AIDS prevention programs that use social marketing of products and services for the prevention of this disease.


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Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Highlights:

Some interpretation events from a period extending from 1997 - 2013 include:

  • Simultaneous interpretation for video conferences and language support for different ESL teacher training workshops;
  • Simultaneous interpretation for the 9th Ibero-Latin American Congress on Asphalt organized by the Ministry of Public Work and Communications and by the Chamber of Paraguayan Highway Construction Companies.
  • Language support services and language evaluation for consultants for the local office of the United Nations in Asunción Paraguay;
  • Different consecutive interpretation events and language support for Population Services International when their office was opened in Asunción Paraguay;
  • Consecutive interpretation events and conference calls for the local representative of JBL Sound;
  • Different simultaneous interpretation and consecutive marketing events and video conferences for The Coca Cola Company;
  • Consecutive interpretation for different US Government Agencies.



                                All Microsoft production software: MSWord, Excel, Power Point. OS: Windows XP 


References: Available upon request.