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    S & J Translations is not a typical translation agency or company, but a network of freelance translators distributed around the world, who are used to working individually and in teams.

    Our commitment to our clients is to provide affordable and quality translations.

    Our translators are carefully selected and are all target language native speakers. Many are bilingual and bicultural.

    These factors offer an advantage as many clients expect documents to be translated as if they had been written originally in the target language.

    A project manager is assigned to large projects, who coordinates a team of translators and an editor to ensure accuracy, stylistic consistency and fluidness.

    S & J Translations was founded in 1997 by Jose A. Breuer and Silvia Izaguirre. The company is based in AsunciĆ³n - Paraguay and has gained a solid reputation over the years and has grown with many satisfied local and international customers.

    Currently, Jose A. Breuer is the Director of S & J Translations. He is completely bilingual and bicultural in English and Spanish, having lived for three years in Uruguay, 28 years in the United States, and 17 years in Paraguay. He has a B.A. in Music (1985) from the prestigious music school in Boston, Berklee College of Music and in 1997 took and passed the required examinations in Paraguay to become a public translator certified by the Supreme Court of Justice of Paraguay. He is also an experienced interpreter (over 1000 hours).

    Silvia Izaguirre is the owner and General Manager of S & J Translations. Among other tasks, she manages human resources and public relations with our clients. She is Paraguayan and has a B.A. in the English Language (1986) from the Higher Language Institute of the Universidad Nacional de AsunciĆ³n, the most prestigious University in Paraguay. She has taught translation there and currently is on the English examination board for English/Spanish licensed public translators. She also took and passed the required examinations in 1997 in Paraguay to become a public translator certified by the Supreme Court of Justice of Paraguay.

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    Jose A. Breuer
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