Two types of interpretation services exist:

  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous

Consecutive interpretation services are used in the following way: the interpreter listens to a phrase, waits for the speaker to finish, then interprets for the audience as the speaker waits for the interpreter to finish. This type of interpretation is usually used in small group meetings where the use of simultaneous interpretation would be impractical or too costly because of the need of specialized equipment, such as headsets, booths, and transmitting equipment.

Simultaneous interpretation services are used in the following way: the interpreters use special equipment that allows the audience to hear the interpreted language in close to real time and the interpreters to see the speaker. The interpreters are located in special booths so that their interpretation is not heard by the speaker. Normally two interpreters that work as a team are required because of the fast-pace nature of the work. Simultaneous interpretation services are normally used for larger events, such as conferences, seminars, personnel training, symposiums, etc.

Currently, S & J Translations offers simultaneous interpretation services for events held in Paraguay, as well as in other countries

Onsite consecutive interpretation services for events held in other countries, involve other costs such as transportation, lodging, meals, equipment rental, etc.

Professional fees for both onsite consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services are quoted based on hourly rates up to two hours, then per half-day (up to four hours) and full day (up to eight hours of availability).

Please contact us with your proposed event and we will assist you in determining which service is right for your event.

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