Certified and non-certified translations

A certified translation is a printed translation that is certified and signed by a translator registered at the Supreme Court of Justice of Paraguay. A certified translation is shipped abroad using a courier service that involves a fee charged to the customer.

A non-certified translation is a document translation performed using a word text program, typically Microsoft Word®, in the same format as the source document. This translation is delivered electronically, typically as an attachment to an e-mail message and is not signed by a certified translator. There is no additional cost regarding the delivery of a non-certified translation if it is delivered elecronically.

Supported language combinations

S & J Translations handles the following language combinations:

  • English to Spanish / Spanish to English
  • English to French / French to English
  • English to Portuguese / Portuguese to English
  • Spanish to French / French to Spanish
  • Spanish to Portuguese / Portuguese to Spanish
  • English to German
  • Spanish to German / German to Spanish
Other language combinations are available upon request.

Contact us with your proposed language combination and/or questions concerning document translation. We will get back to you as soon as possible.