Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person interpretation events are not currently held until further notice. However, events that require consecutive interpretation or simultaneous interpretation can be organized using an online platform, such as Zoom. If you are interested in organizing a remote event with interpretation services, contact us for more details.

Two types of interpretation services exist:

  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous

Consecutive interpretation services are used as follows: the interpreters use online platforms such as Zoom, first the speaker pronounces a few sentences, and then the interpreter translates what the speaker is saying to the audience, while the speaker waits for the interpreter to finish, and then the speaker follows, etc. This type of interpretation is typically used for teleconferences, or for small group meetings.

Simultaneous interpretation services are used as follows: interpreters use online platforms, such as Zoom, and the speaker's words are interpreted in real time so that the audience hears the words in the interpreted language. Typically, two interpreters are required, who work as a team due to the accelerated nature of this type of work. Simultaneous interpretation services are typically used for events with a larger audience, such as: conferences, seminars, staff training, symposia, etc.

Currently, S & J Translations offers consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services for events held in Paraguay, as well as in other countries.

Professional fees for both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services are quoted based on hourly rates for up to two hours, and after two hours per half-day (up to four hours of availability) and per full day (up to eight hours of availability).

Please contact us with your proposed event and we will assist you in determining which service is right for your online event.

Send us the details of your event and we will prepare a quote »