Related Services

Transcription is the conversion of spoken words heard in an audio file to text. The transcribed material can then be translated into a different language. S & J Translations handles the following types of transcriptions, among others:

  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Conference calls
  • Focus groups
  • Speeches
  • Research interviews
  • Phone calls
  • Panel discussions

Send us your audio file and let us know what language you wish to translate the resulting text into, and we will prepare a quote.

Currently this service is only available to transcribe and translate texts in Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Other language combinations are available upon request.

Document certification service involves the certification of original source documents and/or their respective certified translations for their subsequent presentation to government agencies, schools and/or universities, local embassies, etc. Currently, this service is available only for an official source document in Spanish translated to another language and presented for certification to local authorities and to its respective local embassy in Paraguay and for documents in other languages translated to Spanish to be presented to a Paraguayan government agency, school or university, etc.

S & J Translations offers editing and proofreading for translations completed by another source to insure higher quality in the final translation. No matter the source, whether a translation agency, an in-staff speaker of the target language, or a friend, we will work on the translation to improve its accuracy, grammar consistency and fluidity to make your translation read as if it was written originally in that language. This will insure that it conveys ideas correctly. A poorly translated document can damage a company’s image, in addition to costs involved in reprinting and redistributing materials. Send us your document if you wish to have it reviewed again by professionals or if you simply are not happy with your translation. Our editing process includes a thorough review for punctuation, grammar, style, consistency, readability, etc.

If you are interested in any one of these services, please contact us and we will provide you with more detailed information and a quote.

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